@60 Jewelry Design
Throughout her lifetime, Darlene has found herself touched by the spiritual and artistic worlds time and again in various ways. Creating spiritual and healing jewelry has become my passion and hobby. I have loved stones and gemstones since childhood and have always been drawn to the spiritual community where I can now offer others the passionate pieces I create. I am blessed.
Air Plants
Alan Davis
Hi my name is Alan. I’m a Reiki Practitioner. From what I’ve been told by some, I have wonderful healing energy. People that had Reiki done by me could feel the energy that radiates from my hands and have said that they could feel the energy changes. Just a little information about myself, I started working with healing stones. When I moved to healing stones, I could Feel the energies and vibrations, I knew I was meant to do more. With encouragement from my wife, I took Reiki I and Reiki II.
The Angel Painter
I have been painting with mica for 40 years, but was recently called to paint healing angels with this mineral. after a serious health diagnosis. Every angel is designed with Divine influence along with my creative spirit. Whether they are enjoyed for their physical beauty or from a holistic or spiritual viewpoint, my wish is that they provide a contemplative healing experience for those that are called to them.
Area 51 Crystals
Area 51 Crystals offers 1. ON The Spot Wire Wrap Service, 2. Raw/Natural Crystals from around the world. 3. Crystal Consultations by Tina for help finding the right crystal for you. 4. Inventory of handmade Amulets, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Trees of Life etc. Always our best work for You!
Aura Experience
What I do is Metaphysical with Scientific backing. My hand plate measures your electromagnetic field and shows your spiritual colors and your Chakras (your bodies energy centers). When I look at your energy flow through your Chakras I can tell you what you need to work on, if anything, to fine tune your physical and spiritual body. If your energy flow is blocked we will talk about which area in you life you could work on to remove the blocks you have created.
Barbara Jacobs
I am a Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer. I have been healing for most of my life. As a child I discovered my healing ability and as I got older it got stronger. Realizing my gift, I began to fine tune this ability by taking classes and studying under some well known healers. I have a true love for healing and helping people to raise their energy.
Bonnie Carter
Bonnie Carter does healing art pictures for her clients.
Bella Bags
Bella Bags, Jewelry & Accessories of Fairport A privately owned company established in 2003 Specializing in fine sterling silver jewelry and unique ladies accessories.
Brown Dog Naturals
Rev. Charles White
ELIXER LIGHT ENERGY HEALING - I am originally from Central New York. Since childhood, I have communed with nature and explored various spiritual beliefs, striving to find the answers I sought. In pursuit of my quest, I visited Lilly Dale, a small village of registered psychic and healers people located in southwestern New York. During my visits, I was quickly recognized as a healer with natural abilities.
Caroline Boddie
Caroline Boddie has taught Crystal classes and lectured throughout the United States and Canada. Caroline has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and worked as an Administrator for the City of Rochester, New York for over twenty years. In her capacity as an administrator and in chosen areas of community service work, she has rendered a great deal of professional counselling, combining standard sociologically recognized principles with years of esoteric and spiritual knowledge.
Cosmic Lotus Jewelry
I make each Cosmic Lotus bracelet by hand, using my training in Chakra Balancing, Vinyasa Yoga, Reiki and Crystal Therapy to combine the healing mineral and aesthetic properties of each stone into a dazzling, wearable work of art. This truly makes my creations authentic, healing sacred jewelry. You’ll find lots of information here at Cosmic Lotus about the different stones and crystals I use, as well as the ancient wellness techniques I employ to create this unique jewelry for my customers.
Cosmic Wanderer Henna
Donald Lapham
Donald belongs to the Buffalo Geological Society and digs rocks in NY.
Eli Thomas
I express the knowledge of my culture, the Onondaga Nation through my artwork. The images form a panorama of earth, sky, fire and water.
EVOLMI, as seen on Mama Medium TLC, is a metaphysical movement that started in Rochester, NY by Fatima Razic. She started with healing diffuser jewelry that quickly grew into a clothing line and essential oils. She teaches her customers how to practice mindfulness with her jewelry. She uses semi-precious gemstones to enhance the intention setting practices of her customers and help them learn to be more mindful in their daily lives with the use of their favorite essential oils.
FunKreationz-Steve’s Funk-a-licious UpCycled boxes, shelves, old barn wood plaques, and anything he can get his hands on. His work is colorful and reminiscent of Dr. Suess.....You cannot help to smile when you see his colorful creations-And you cannot help but take a few home. He also has amazing coloring books and will have a coloring station at this event for relaxing and having fun!!
Immortal Phoenix
Immortal Phoenix offers a wide array of metaphysical supplies. Items include, and not limited to: jewelry, amulets, ritual items, sage, statuary, herbs, incense, oils, stones, books, tarot, cauldrons, gems, crystals, candles, & more! Each object that you receive has been reiki-blessed and cleansed for you and your home. Rev, Martha Conan and Rhiannon Payne, the founders of Immortal Phoenix, are spiritual healers who provide several services to establish peace and harmony in their client’s lives.
James Allen Ross
Paranormal novelist, James Alan Ross, will be sharing from his book “The Haunting of Dylan Klaypool: Whispers in Black Willow (Book One)”. James will also discuss the paranormal investigations he conducted as research for the book, and share the evidence he collected.
Jen's Magnetics
Joe - New Age Books
Lady of the Lake
“The Lady of the Lake” Patty Valentine: LPN, Medium, Psychic, Spiritual Guide, Healer, Gemstone Healings/Teacher. Patty offers readings, healings, as well as connecting you to your spirit guides and loved ones. She will answer your questions as well as offer you spiritual guidance. As a teacher and healer with crystals and gemstones, Patty guides you in their metaphysical meanings. At her store Lady of the Lake, in Fredonia, NY she offers classes about gemstone healing properties.
Lori Maines
Lori Maines, (Papillon Soul), is a resident artist at Artspace Buffalo, and creates spiritual and tribal artwork, including yarn mandalas, dreamcatchers, smudge feathers, prayer wands, antler and macrame hangings. She also carries vintage silk sarees and dupattas, as well as cloaks and kaftans make from these beautiful fabrics. New to the collection are crystal and wire wrapped ear cuffs, Cuff You! that incorporate the healing properties with the practice of Auricular Acupressure.
Meraki Mood
Meraki Mood - USDA Hemp Products, CBD Tinctures, holistic goods, essential oils, and oil diffuser jewelry. Lecturing on CBD 101. Learn the basics on CBD from Hemp, how it works, and how it effects the body. There will also be a Question and Answer segment for any specific CBD topics.
Napa Goldsmith
Penelope's Pendants & More
Penelope’s Pendants and More. I design colorful, unique polymer clay jewelry and accessories. I’m a clinical health psychologist, as well as an artist.
Pretty Rox
Roc City Henna
Kate Halligan, Roc City Henna - I’ve always wanted to get tattoos but couldn’t decide on anything permanent, and I also wanted to avoid the pain of a needle application. In 2013, I discovered temporary Henna tattoos, immediately fell in love and began drawing tattoos on myself. Since then, I’ve continued expanding my knowledge and application skills, even mixing my own Henna paste from scratch.
The Rock Dude
Lee Parker is from Forestville, NY.
Rose & Mags
Rose and Mags Country Mile will be here with our Organic Massage Oil Candles and other skin care products. We infuse vitamins and botanical oils into all of our products and use essential oils for fragrance giving everything it's own healing benefits. Everything's cash and carry plus if you buy 3 you get a 4th massage oil candle FREE!
Sage Creek
Scent & Stone
Scent and Stone is Chakra Balancing Aromatherpay products hand crafted by Jessica Fires and Sheena Caito, Certified Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Chakra Balancing Therapists. Each item, including candles, bath bombs, aromatherapy balms, and oil diffusers, contain crystals and essential oils that balance a specific chakra point.

Offering Crystal Grids and Chakra Pendulum Readings.
So Hum Life
Crafted Coffees & Jewelry
Spiritual Healing Expressions
Tiger Lily Creations
Valerie Jayes - Pendulums
Western Vision
Hi, we are Marion and Joe Davis owners of Western Vision. We sell many different kinds of gemstones and crystals. We have over 50 different stones that have different meanings, healing properties, different Health uses, and more.If you are interested in learning about gem stones and crystals come out and check what we have to offer. If we cannot tell you the property of the stone we have many different books to find that meaning. So come out and be stoned.
World Trendz Boutique
World Trendz is a boutique with a personal touch offering a line of sophisticated women’s clothing, tapestries and exotic accessories that are handcrafted in India by the finest fashion artists and designed especially for the woman with the unique personality, the woman who wants to stand out from the rest and express herself both inside and out as the true Goddess that she is.
Yellowood Natural Soaps
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Rev. Charles White

ELIXER LIGHT ENERGY HEALING - I am originally from Central New York. Since childhood, I have communed with nature and explored various spiritual beliefs, striving to find the answers I sought. In pursuit of my quest, I visited Lilly Dale, a small village of registered psychic and healers people located in southwestern New York. During my visits, I was quickly recognized as a healer with natural abilities.