Antonio Torres
Antonio Torres - Psychic Medium ,I love to heal people by connecting with the spirit. I practice Reiki, Tuning Forks, and Singing Bowls therapy. These therapies help balance the chakras, and helps the healing process. In my readings, I use Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, as well as Stones and Crystals I love teaching people how to heal and, how to connect with there guides. I love going out of my way for one and another, this is very important for me! MAY WE ALL TRAVEL WITH LOVE AND THE LIGHT.
Barbara Bennett
Under the guidance of her beloved Aunt Kay, an internationally known psychic, medium, healer, and her teacher, she learned to trust her own natural intuitive talents.Today, Barbara is grateful for her intuitive abilities and is willing to assist you find peace and happiness through her Spirit guided readings. Barbara’s psychic readings empower her clients and help them to find positive direction in their lives, and assist them towards the path that leads them to greater happiness.
Believe Crow
Believe Crow-Stephanie Johnson is a compassionate healer who uses crystals in her readings. Her goal is to connect people with their angels and spirit guides finding a way to serenity. Reiki was her gateway into the metaphysical world. When she was about 14 years old she was introduced to reiki. She was changed forever by the feeling unlike any other of safety and protection. Stephanie knew her purpose was to serve spirit and became a reiki master.
Bill & Nancy
Bill has done professional readings privately for over 15 yrs as well as being of service to the spiritualist community in Roch, NY at Plymouth Spiritualist Church since 2008. Bill has also felt honored to serve as a visiting medium at Lily Dale as well as other spiritualist churches in WNY. Nancy is a psychic medium and spiritual healer. She has been providing readings both privately and in public settings. She welcomes the opportunity to deliver healing messages that spirit wants you to hear.
Chris Desario
Chris DeSerio, MA, CHt, is a trance, platform, and physical medium (that includes being a psychic) as well as an energy healer, and metaphysical teacher/tutor whose start was as a child engaging in mirror-work with Spirit along with picking up on Spirit via clairsentience (psychic feeling) and objective clairvoyance (seeing Spirit with regular sight).
Connie Field
Rev. Connie Field is an ordained Spiritual Minister and an Evidential Medium from Lake View, NY. Her formal studies started in the 80’s and continue to this day. She is a graduate of The Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY and The Inner Spiritual Center in NJ, where she specialized in Evidential Mediumship. Rev. Connie loves to connect with Spirit to bring messages of love and healing to both the client and their loved ones in Spirit.
Debbie Monteleone
Deb Monteleone -When I got my first Tarot deck at 18 I threw away the directions and just knew how to read them. My initial advance spiritual teaching at that time was from a Catholic priest. He taught me how to spiritually cleanse environments as well as people. My mother was also a mentor teaching me astrology, spirit communication and many other practices. My mother was also a reader, tracing spirituality all the way back to the Mayflower.
Ginny London
Virginia London- I am well known as a Psychic / Medium. I am known in the United States as well as Canada. I have been connected with Angels and Spirit guides my whole life. I was certified at the Elaine Thomas, School of Fellowship of Spirit in Lily Dale. I have been doing readings since 1990. I may talk about past, present and future, money, health and your relationships. I see, feel and hear Guides, Angels and Spirits. My readings are knowledgeable and up lifting.
Giovanni & Isabella
Rev. Jane
Reverend Jane has worked with Spirit for nearly half a century. At the early age of six, Reverend Jane began to see Spirit in her grandmother’s closet. Beginning at the age of sixteen, Spirit started showing Reverend Jane visions of things yet to come to the people around her. This continued until the age of nineteen, when Reverend Jane sought further knowledge in Lily Dale, New York; the world’s largest community for Spiritualism.
John Shred
Reverend John Shred is a second generation intuitive, who has been connecting with spirit since he was very young; resulting in his first reading at age 8. Since then, John has given many readings in private, at church services, gallery readings, seances, channeling sessions, and fairs. While maintaining the utmost professionalism, he is allowing himself to be used as a channel when he delivers messages to others.
Joy Davis
Hi my name is Joy and I am in Intuitive card reader and a psychic medium. I started out working with gemstones and crystals. Gemstones and crystals are a big part of my life and have brought a lots of joy into my life. I started off reading with a deck of oracle cards that reached out to me. When I started working with oracle cards I had Psychic Friends that help guide me. With their guidance I learned that I had the capability to read not only my oracle cards but the stones and crystals.
Katrin Naumann
Katrin Naumann is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient Holistic Healer. She is Founding Director of Inner Balance Life Works: (R)evolutionary Self Transformation, in Syracuse NY. Katrin has been working with the Tarot for almost 30 years. She also draws on her knowledge of Evolutionary Astrology and the messages she receives from Spirit to provide insights into what the soul is attempting to communicate to us for our greater growth and expansion through this lifetime.
Kris Faso
Kris Faso has a fondness for collecting stones and minerals. He has an intuitive way of understanding an individual’s attraction to the stones they choose. During a consultation you'll be asked to place a piece of jewelry or metal object you have carried or worn along with the stones you chose around the wheel. With permission from you and your Spirit Guides and Protectors, Kris receives impressions around you helping him to gain access into the areas of concern that you may have.
Lori Fay
Mystic Pines Medium, Lori Fay - From a very young age, I have had the ability of psychic mediumship. It is believed that it was handed down through my mothers’ side of the family, going back to my great grandmother and great aunt. Although I was young, I was aware of these abilities and they were always looked upon as normal in our home.I kept these gifts close to the heart for many years and only brought them to light through insightful conversations helping people in need.
Mary Haeberle
Rev. Mary Haeberle graduated from two esteemed schools of mediumship. She was ordained through Fellowships Of The Spirit, school of healing and prophecy, Lily Dale New York. Mary also graduated from The Inner Spiritual Center in New Jersey, where she honed her skills in evidential mediumship. She has taken numerous classes from world renowned mediums and teachers to heighten and expand her abilities to connect to your friends and loved ones in spirit.
Mary Lee
Mary Lee is a psychic medium has a Masters Degree in Creative Art Therapies as well as a MARI practitioner. Mary Lee connects to Higher Energies in her readings to offer insights that will help you in receiving the message Spirit intends. The messages you will receive in her readings will incorporate the recognition of your own strengths and assert your talents through empowerment. In addition, . Mary Lee incorporates her Creative Arts Therapies education with her psychic mediumship.
Michelle Hall
Michelle is a certified psychic medium through the Trilogy Institute of Lily Dale New York, with over 20 years of experience. She knew her life’s path would be guided by spirit since childhood, coming from generations of gifted spiritualists and tarot card readers. As an ordained minister, she has a true love for spiritual work, and is very dedicated to helping heal, counsel and make positive changes in people’s lives.
Mr. Sabir
Do you often wonder why your relationships fail? Are you feeling lonely, and are you broke? Whatever you do, nothing is positive? Are you living under heavy stress? Let me read your destiny and help you find answers to these questions. My name is Mr. Sabir. I’m a palm reader. I also incorporate my psychic abilities into my readings. If your spirit is strong, you will see your destiny. Palm reading is not only about the life line; it will bring to the fore both internal and external indications.
Patty Valentine
“The Lady of the Lake” Patty Valentine: LPN, Medium, Psychic, Spiritual Guide, Healer, Gemstone Healings/Teacher. Patty offers readings, healings, as well as connecting you to your spirit guides and loved ones. She will answer your questions as well as offer you spiritual guidance. As a teacher and healer with crystals and gemstones, Patty guides you in their metaphysical meanings. At her store Lady of the Lake, in Fredonia, NY she offers classes about gemstone healing properties.
The Purple Door
SARINA, Oracle of Light, Clairvoyant Psychic Medium is an internationally renowned fourth generation Clairvoyant Psychic Medium. Sarina’s high rate of accuracy allowed her to succeed in passing the International Psychic Audition for the Edgar Cayce Panel of Professional Psychics. She is the recipient of the “The Edgar Cayce Legacy” for Excellence in the Psychic Development of the Soul. Sarina’s amazing Psychic Gifts offer you insight, clarity, guidance, direction, inspiration and confirmation.
Psychic Sylvia
Sylvia is a psychic/medium working out of the Rochester NY area specializing in mediumship, automatic writing and the tarot. Her clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts are channeled through her to give messages from spirit or deceased loved ones that will give you guidance and comfort. Her insight will help guide you through decision making as her goal is to help.
Ted Silverhand
For over 50 years Ted Silverhand and his Council have been helping others to integrate their spiritual selves into their everyday lives. His teachers, working through him, have proven to many the existence of other worlds and dimensions also under the command of the Great Mystery, our Creator, which stand ready to assist us in our time of need.
Tarot by Teri
Teri use to do accounting and medical billing until she found that something was missing- SERVING SPIRIT. Thus her journey began as a psychic medium. She resides in Hamburg, NY, is happily married, has a daughter, son-in-law and three grandsons she is deeply devoted too. Using the Tarot cards as one of her tools she offers spiritual guidance and direction. Tarot offers interpretation and insight on matters that are important in your life.
Tobie Hewitt
Vicki Snyder
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Chris Desario

Chris DeSerio, MA, CHt, is a trance, platform, and physical medium (that includes being a psychic) as well as an energy healer, and metaphysical teacher/tutor whose start was as a child engaging in mirror-work with Spirit along with picking up on Spirit via clairsentience (psychic feeling) and objective clairvoyance (seeing Spirit with regular sight).